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If you are looking for the top professional architects for your home or business project, Architects Noida, one of the leading practices in Noida for more than 20 years. Our team of highly qualified architects, landscape designers and interior designers can help you achieve your vision. We have a reputation for inspiring, innovative architecture, high-quality workmanship and practical solutions to difficult spatial problems. We offer the full range of architectural and design services with a proven track record of delivering award-winning projects on time and on budget.

If you have a great idea, we can turn it into reality. Let’s meet and we can show you how Noida Architects can make the most of your space with a design that meets your precise needs and budget.

About Noida Architects

You want a firm of architects that can understand your exact needs and provide you with an innovative solution that goes way beyond your expectations. We have the skills, the services, the process and the experience to do that – and more.

Custom Designs

We create designs that are customized for you — we don’t offer standard designs. Our architectural solutions are developed to meet your individual needs and budget. You will have a unique solution that is tailored to make the best possible use of your space. We can create traditional or cool contemporary designs with quality materials and finishes that reflect your personal tastes or corporate standards.

Wide Experience

Noida Architects has delivered great architectural solutions for Noida residents and businesses for more than 20 years. We have been responsible for designing striking homes that have transformed living spaces and beautiful gardens and green spaces. For businesses, we have created impressive, productive offices or stores that make strong brand statements for their owners. Many of our clients come back to us for their next project or recommend us to other people.

Skilled Professionals

Our team of architects and designers have achieved the highest qualifications in their field. They bring wide-ranging experience of successfully delivering projects across the architectural spectrum. As well as architects and designers, we employ project managers who ensure that we meet your timescales and budgets. We also have excellent working relationships with specialist contractors and manufacturers so that we can provide you with a complete end-to-end service.

Our Services

Whatever the requirement, we can provide expert advice and assemble a team of architects, designers, project managers and specialist contractors to handle all stages of the job with the same professionalism, quality workmanship and attention to detail.

Architectural Design

We bring together all the architectural elements needed for a successful design. We don’t see limitations, only infinite possibilities. We consider how we can reshape the space to deliver your vision. We recommend the best contemporary or traditional materials and finishes that reflect your tastes and standards. Our proposals incorporate lighting, climate control, floors, furnishings and technology — we take account of everything that makes a home or office complete. We use our skills to design new buildings or transform existing homes or commercial properties with complete attention to detail at every stage.

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Landscape Designing

Outdoor space is vital for healthy living so we pay equal attention to landscape design so that your home or business has the right balance between the indoor and outdoor environment. We can create welcoming entrance areas with attractive secure lighting. Our garden designs enhance buildings with attractive green spaces that give you areas to relax, entertain or enjoy nature. We use natural, local materials to create strong architectural features and our planting schemes are designed for season-round colour and low maintenance. To bring interior and exterior together, we can create attractive outdoor buildings or extensions that give you a window on the garden.

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Interior Designing

Form and function come together in our interior design solutions. Naturally, a home or office has to look good but it also has to be practical and easy to maintain. We design spaces for relaxing, dining or entertaining at home or improving productivity and efficiency at work. Those spaces are all different but our integrated approach means any building will have a sense of harmony and consistent style throughout. Our team has a deep understanding of technology so we can help you create a ‘smart building’ that provides intelligent control of lighting, climate control and security.

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If you would like to discuss your plans for a new home or office or a transformation of your existing building, phone or email us and one of our experts will contact you to arrange a convenient meeting time.

Our Process

When we work with you on a project, we follow a proven, fully documented process and stringent quality procedures to ensure that every element of design and delivery is fully considered. The process is known as architectural master planning.

Initial Consultation

One of our architects will meet you for an initial discussion on your vision, requirements and expectations. We use the information we gather to create initial recommendations and cost forecasts. We also assess the viability of the project and put together an initial project plan and schedule. After discussing our initial recommendations with you, we identify the most suitable team members to work on your project and brief them so that everyone understands your requirements.

Concept & Design

Before beginning any design work, we review your requirements in more detail to identify the best approach. Our designers prepare initial concepts in the form of sketches to show you the options and the possibilities for your project. The proposals will give you a clear visual indication of all the elements – colour, layout, lighting and overall impact. We can also prepare budget forecasts for the various approaches. We review the concepts with you so that we can incorporate your feedback into our final designs and documentation.

Design Development and Project Management

The design team now prepares detailed working designs and specifications for the contractors that will carry out construction and fitting. We review these details with you to ensure that the final designs reflect your original vision and requirements. We also provide you with a detailed budget. When you have approved designs and budget, we select and brief the contractors. Our project managers monitor work on site to ensure the contractors meet our schedules and quality standards. They keep you fully informed on progress and resolve any site issues on your behalf.

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