Noida Architects is one of the leading architecture practices in Noida with a long-established reputation for outstanding work that combines creativity with quality and a highly practical approach. The firm was established in early 2001 and has continued to grow organically. Currently, we employ people with a strong client base in the residential and commercial sectors.

Our philosophy is simple — we want to help you realise your dreams. Our team has the skills and experience to achieve that by identifying the infinite possibilities in any space, no matter how limited.

We have applied that philosophy to our work on homes, apartments, offices and industrial buildings, retail outlets and public buildings.

We also understand the increasing importance of technology in the home and at work, so we incorporate smart technologies in our designs to increase the control, efficiency and flexibility of our buildings.

Practical Creativity

We want to give you a home or an office that is unique — one that reflects your individual character or your company’s brand. That’s why we put so much emphasis on the initial consultation. We want to discover what you really need. Then we add the creativity that makes your home or office stand out from the crowd. We don’t believe in creativity for its own sake. We also focus on designing for sustainability, energy efficiency and low maintenance so that you continue to benefit for the long term.

Integrated Approach

We bring together highly qualified architects, interior designers, landscape designers and project managers who work in multidisciplinary teams to ensure an integrated approach to all aspects of the project are covered. The professionals are backed by skilled CAD designers and support teams so that very project is fully resourced. We have also built strong relationships with specialists in lighting, climate control, technology, furnishings and coverings so that we always provide you with expert advice and the best products.

Architecture and Technology

Architecture is a personal skill developed through education, qualifications and years of experience. Today’s architects can also draw on technology to complement their professional skills. That’s why we’ve made a major investment in technology to improve our analytic, planning and project management resources. By using the best technologies we can reduce overall lead times, ensure greater accuracy and tackle more complex projects.

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